The Hospitality Group

The Hospitality Group, a live communications agency based in Amsterdam and ’s Hertogenbosch. The interaction between people and brands is the sole focus in our projects, as we take a guest oriented approach to event marketing.

Porsche Groep Zuid Brand Event: New model launch


Exclusive launch of the new Porsche Cayenne. Concept, execution and production.

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Porsche Groep Zuid - Brand Event: New model launch

Digital Realty Introduction NL & DE

The opening events for the new Amsterdam & Frankfurt facilities of this Cloud storage gigant. Creating very hospitable environments in unsuited locations.

Digital Realty - Introduction NL & DE

Innocent Drinks Campaign creation

Innocent Drinks created a 'feel good' campaign that was brought to the public at various outdoor locations, activating the brand both off- and online using the key features in it's identity; Tastes good, does good.

Innocent Drinks - Campaign creation
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to get started on your project. Hearing your idea’s and matching it with current trends. Creating the greatest value for your buck by turning it into real results. We host your brand with great hospitality and use this to turn your clients into ambassadors, consumers into fans and employees into family.

We work in B2C, B2B & B2E. We make your brand loved by injecting it with hospitality, wether it be your customer experience, client relationship or your employer branding.