About IDEA

Trade association IDEA unites the best agencies in events and live communication. Together, we’ve been representing the vanguard of the Dutch event world since 2002.

Live communication is an effective and proven tool for attracting customers and boosting market visibility. But an event’s yield depends entirely on the agency selected. It is in this myriad of providers that IDEA offers guidance and clarity. We link the innovative vanguard of live communication professionals to strong brands and organisations. We take that role very seriously. Before an aspiring member receives the IDEA-Hallmark, we scrutinise the agency concerned for creative craftsmanship, financial stability and continuity. The hallmark is assured by an extensive biennial screening of existing IDEA members. And the market recognises this method, as one in six of Dutch top 500 companies works exclusively with IDEA agencies.

Shared knowledge, combined strengths
IDEA is also a knowledge organisation. Our members can rely on a large support network of peers and advisers. They can access the knowledge of specialists, approved documents and products. As a member of Livecom Alliance we have a large (international) network. We encourage our members to use this network. In that way, we think bigger and we push boundaries.

Watertight arrangements

Our members realise the importance of good insurance and watertight conditions. At IDEA we know all there is to know about the latest laws and regulations. As a member of VNO-NCW, we attend all relevant discussions and we maintain close contact with governments, legal advisors and the media. Furthermore, through our insurance broker partner Klap, we offer tailor-made insurance such as our IDEA Event Insurance for clients and collective Agency Liability Insurance for our members. If you’d like to know more about our insurance policies, just contact our secretariat.

""IDEA is governed by committed entrepreneurs. It collaborates with the board of directors to give direction and content to the association and to the profession. The board consists of Chairman Eva Annokkee | International Orange, Inge Overtoom | BrandBase, Marc Liethof | Eventex, Jan Liebregts | Obsession and Jan Douwe Reekers | Events in Business.""