IDEA stimulates sustainable pitching for clients and agencies

IDEA has signed the VEA Pitchcode and offers its own pitch checklist to optimise the process and results of creative pitches.

The challenges involved when selecting an agency affect the entire creative sector, across the board. And the live communication and event world is no exception. After all, pitching is time-consuming. The stakes are high, reflected in the amount of time and knowledge that agencies and clients invest in their pitches. A thorough process prevents wastage of (creative) resources. As a result, IDEA believes that sustainable pitching is essential. Our commitment to an effective and balanced process in a number of ways.

Industry-wide pitch code
Just like IDEA, the association of communications consultancies (VEA) is committed to increasing transparency and quality in our field. IDEA endorses this joint mission by signing the VEA Pitchcode. The code offers the perfect tools to ensure an effective and respectful pitching process for agencies and clients. By signing of the VEA Pitchcode – which is also supported by the Dutch federation of advertisers, the Bond van Adverteerders (BvA) – IDEA confirms the importance of an industry-wide guideline.

IDEA Pitch checklist
In addition to the Pitchcode, we have created the IDEA Pitch-checklist with practical tips that help with agency selection. After all, clients and agencies in the event world have to deal with specific opportunities and challenges. These are included in our pitch checklist. In addition, IDEA is happy to assist in setting up an effective and respectful process, including specialised documents. If you have any questions about sustainable pitching, please contact us.