IDEA Hallmark

The IDEA hallmark provides guidance and clarity in the countless array of live communication providers. Clients who opt for an IDEA Certified Leading Agency choose an expert and creative partner. A wise choice.

The IDEA hallmark is earned and not simply handed out. Before a prospective member is awarded the IDEA hallmark, we conduct an intensive screening of the agency for financial stability, expertise and creative craftsmanship. Existing IDEA members are thoroughly screened every two years. Agencies must satisfy all conditions in order to receive or retain the hallmark. All IDEA Certified Leading Agencies satisfy the following 5 guarantees.

  1. Financially sound

An independent auditor uses Graydon to continuously monitor IDEA agencies for their creditworthiness.

  1. Transparant business

We screen all our members for their tendering policy and professional guidelines.

  1. Passionate craftsmanship

IDEA agencies are proven start-to-end specialists with solid strategic, creative and productive track records. IDEA provides access to a wide-ranging and international network.

  1. Always well insured

IDEA agencies and their clients have exclusive access to our specialised insurance policies in the field of liability and events.

  1. Know-how in laws and regulations

Expertise in laws and regulations is crucial in the event industry. IDEA continuously assesses and informs its members in the field of legal know-how.

""Every member is screened before membership and then thoroughly scrutinised every two years for financial stability, reliability and craftsmanship.""